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icon: Greenwich Church Cross Equality Act (Sexual Orientation Regulations) 2007

The House of Commons vote on 19th March 2007 - 100 MPs voted opposing the Regulations but the Government won by 210. At the House of Lord's vote on the 21st March 2007 - 168 to 122 in favour of the Government's Equality Act (Sexual Orientation Regulations) 2007. This new law will come into force on the 30th April 2007. Will Christians compromise their moral biblical values or will they stand in breach of the law.

The Church has not been effective in stopping this bill from being passed possibly due to the confusion as to whether it was in confliction with biblical values. A few pointers :

  • Leviticus 18 - Incest, child sacrifice, homosexual sexual relations, bestiality
  • Exodus 20 - "You shall not commit adultery." - any sexual relations outside of marriage.
  • Matthew 19 - "male and female will become one" - out of Adam came Eve - male and female become one again in marriage.
  • 1 Corinthians 6 - "Flee from sexual immorality. He who sins sexually sins against his own body. Honour God with your body."
  • 1 Corinthians 5 - "Do not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother but is sexually immoral"
The Hebrew word for "detestable" used in the book of Leviticus 18:22, is used some 118 time and translated as detestable, loathsome, abhor, abomination, repulsive. This is God talking to Moses and not mixing His words as to how He feels. Has God changed? food for thought.

This bill will come into force on the 30th April 2007 and it will affect many Christian run businesses who use biblical values to determine if they provide a service to them or not. These businesses will fall into two groups :

  • Those that specifically discriminate against practicing homosexuals
  • Those that use biblical values to discriminate against a wider audiance
The first group eg those who run a Christian bed & breakfast, guest house, hotel, Christian conference and retreat centres, or any other hospitality. Should they have the right to refuse a homosexual couple their hospitality? If a man turns up with a women who is not his wife, and they get turned away, has a law been broken even though the same Christian morals are being practiced?

The second group eg those who would also refuse advertising "massages", chat lines, strip clubs, bookies, casinos, porn shops etc. If your church had a church hall for hire, could you refuse the hiring those premises? How will these businesses be effected by this new bill?

Education - What impact would this bill have on the "Sex & Relationship Education"? Currently schools should have a sex and relationship education policy. This should be drawn up by the schools' governing body and head teacher in consultation with parents to reflect the parents wishes and the culture of the community. SRE is not compulsory in primary schools but "reproduction" is taught as part of the science curriculum.
Children as young as 5 are being taught sex and relationship education in an attempt to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies. This goes behond pictures of children holding hands(!), so what licence is being given to teachers under this SOR law in the overload of information regarding sex and relationship education? Carte blanche?

Churches - Baptisms, dedications, Christening, weddings are all 'services'. Will they still be able to "discriminate"?

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